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Changing the way you smile at Dr. Pierre Ferreira Orthodontist

What a journey it has been…  having braces for almost 4 years is quite a time, but definitely worth it!  The orthodontic had a big part and influence on my life. It made me a happier person, and giving me the most beautiful smile a girl could ask for!  Being born with cleft palate, having braces and having multiple surgery’s at the time, is quite hard to deal with.. but a huge sincere thanks from deep inside my heart to God and Dr. Ferreira, his whole team and everyone else who was part of it, that could take on this journey with me, and made it much easier and worthwhile!!   “Keep smiling and let everyone know that today, you’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday”   God Bless

Groete en liefde Yolandi.

Functional Growth Appliance to support the growth of the lower jaw.

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